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Yoga Bala Class Description

Yoga Bala is open every day for classes except for:  Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Years Day

Gentle/Restorative: This relaxing class will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated, including both stretching and restorative yoga.  Appropriate for all levels, students can progressively relax and surrender in a nurturing environment. Level 1-2

Ashtanga Full Primary Series:  It’s all about overcoming fear! This Ashtanga series will be taught in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. This flowing sequence of postures utilizes the steady movement, breath and bandhas (energy locks) to increase muscular strength, flexibility and concentration.  Special Note: Intro to Ashtanga recommended as a pre-requisite. Level 2-3

  • Intro to Ashtanga: This class offers an opportunity for beginners to ease into the Ashtanga method, exploring vinyasa (breath & movement) and asanas. Beginners learn and improve on their poses, while experienced students focus on the foundations of their practice.  Beginners welcome. Level 1
  • Visually Guided Ashtanga: In this class there is minimal talking s o students can experience a true moving meditation. The instructor moves the class through the full primary series of Ashtanga.  A truly exhilarating experience!  Special Note: Intro to Ashtanga recommended as a pre-requisite. Level 2-3
  • Ashtanga Inspired!: This class is playful with ever changing flows.  Challenging postures are offered as well as modification arm balances and inversions may be introduced. Beginners welcome with a moderate level of fitness. Level 1-2

Breath & Meditation Class: A restorative class designed to reduce stress and quiet the mind.  Practice will vary between gentle asana, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.  Different schools of thought will be used in order to make each class different and unique, just like you!  The focus will be to relax the muscles and still the mind, bringing grace and vitality to the middle of your week.  This class is appropriate for all levels and an excellent way to fit in a little time on taking care of YOU.

Meditation has been known to increase creativity, develop positive coping skills and allow us to tap into our pure potential.  Taking time to slow down and work with the breath increases exercise tolerance, enhances the immune system and decreases the aging process.


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Strength of Body

Increase flexibility and range of motion

Create balance and symmetry

Improve endurance and strength

Increase metabolism

Learn to work hard and relax deeply

Energize your entire body

Create BALA.

* Strength of Body, Mind and SoulCreate inner peace and stillness
* Focus the mind and awaken the spirit
* Create calmness and reduce stress
* Push past self imposed limits
* Open your heart and restore your spirit
* Renew energy and patience

Yoga Bala

At Yoga Bala practicing with total attention within the body is advanced youga, no matter how easy the posture.

Practicing with your attention scattered is the practice of a beginner, no matter how difficult the posture

Favorite Quotes

"If you can control the rising of the mind into ripples you will experience Yoga."
The yoga Sutra's of Patanjali

"Do your practice and all is coming."
Shri K Pattbhi Jois

"As the mind, so the man; bondage or liberation are in your own mind. If your feel bound you are bound, if your feel liberated you are liberated. Things outside neither bind nor liberate you; only your attitude toward them does that."
The yoga Sutra's of Patanjali