Foam Roller tension relief workshop

January 16, 2021 11:30am - January 16, 2021 1pm

In this workshop students will learn a full body foam roller routine to encourage Fascia release.

My hope for each student is to leave the workshop feeling less muscle tension while enjoying a greater range of motion with less resistance.

We will discuss connective tissue and how some of our pain can be directly related to the fascia and muscle spasms.

Foam rolling SHOULD not be painful so we will learn to work gently yet deep enough to allow for softening to occur.

This price of this workshop INCLUDES a 36" foam roller for each student to take home so they can continue to work on the learned routine

After even just a few treatments great benefits occur.

Pre-payment is a must for this workshop

Please register by Jan. 11th to allow for foam rollers to arrive 12 student limit

$45. per person or Bring your own roller $25.