Yoga School 2018

1-day Yoga for Life Workshops and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Most workshops are on the first Saturday of the month. Take one for personal growth and knowledge. Take the all for your 200 hour Yoga Certificate.

Students interesting in learning more about Traditional Yoga this is for you.

My goal as your teacher is to help you find yoga as a way to achieve over all heath and wellness. Ultimately to have a Practice for Life.

Throughout the year we will have discussions on the History of Yoga, Introduction to the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and an introduction to the Yoga Sutras.

We will discuss tool to help one transform our yoga practice into a complete mind/body experience , including... Ujjayi Breath: theory and practice. Bandhas (Muscular engagement and energy locks) Drishti (Eye gaze and focus) Asanas (postures) and Surya Namaskaras Sun Salutations, Fundamental postures, Seated, Twisting postures, Inversions, Backbending postures, and more.

Also included Introduction to Ayurvedic Methods of healing, We will be hands On with Adjustments & Anatomy, Verbal cues and , designing a practice, teaching and promoting classes.

One other wonderful gift we receive on a full day workshop, possibly the most important. Time for YOU to take care of yourself. Quality Yoga time with like minded people, many laughs, invigorating for mind and body alike.

Please ask me if you have any questions at all!

For any of the on going Workshops Register Here.